The “Eye” that sees London!

The London Eye is on the glorious South Bank of the Thames, almost opposite the Houses of Parliament and right next to The Sea Life London Aquarium. The bespoke cinematic addition to the London Eye provides another magical and entertaining way to experience London city, further enhancing the value and the experience of a trip to the UK’s top paid for visitor attraction.

The London Eye gets incredibly busy, particularly on sunny days during July and August school holidays. No surprises there, with the Eye being in the top 5 attractions in London. “London eye”  is one of the best things for you to visit. It is nice for you our guest to enjoy the beautiful view to see the whole of London in one place.

At FG property management, we provide you with luxurious apartments for your relaxation, comfort, business trip and many more occasions.

We at FG property management still get very excited about this structure and so we welcome you all our guests to come and visit London and enjoy the view of London from “London Eye“.  Bring your family, friends and loved ones and be sure to get 100% satisfaction from our service with the provision of any apartment of your choice.

Do not miss out on the fun and relaxation you stand to enjoy in London!!!!

For more information on opening times and ticketing for London eye, visit the EDF London Eye website

Don’t hesitate to contact us:

3a Harrington Road,

London, United Kingdom

020 7993 8629


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