Top 5 things to do before the summer ends

London is experiencing the final bit of summer before the lovely winter creeps in. However, you can still enjoy many special events in London before the sun goes away :

1. Discover or should we say Re-discover the Buckingham Palace

During Summer you can have exceptional access to some of the greatest room of the Buckingham Palace. Get a tour to visit the Grand Hall, the Music Room and admired the west or the palace garden. This is also an opportunity to learn more about the life as a young member of the royal family with the “ Royal Childhood” exhibition.

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2 . The Brunel Museum Midnight Apothecary

Until the end of September, every Saturday night the roof garden at The Brunel Museum in Rotherhithe you will be able to enjoy a wonderful garden cocktail bar. From 5.30 pm to 10.30 pm you can reunite around music, cocktails and taste delicious authentic Greek food.

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3. A little glimpse of the boat life

The Floating cinema is a great place to spend the last long evenings. Book a trip in this intimate place and while travelling around the London river relax watching some films.

You can experience the boat life until the end of September at


4. Southbank Centre Roof Garden

The Queen Elizabeth Roof Garden & Café sits in London’s Southbank Centre. This beautiful rooftop bar is the perfect  for a light lunch or snack. Enjoy a spectacular view and the beauty of the setting while drinking a nice cold Lemonade.

More informations at

roof5. Pop Up Screens

Pop Up Screens deliver entertainment in local London parks. You get the whole cinema experience with tasty popcorn, a nice drink and Pop Up Burgers. With a wide range of film choices,Pop Up Screens could be hosting some place near you. The parks include Morden, Fulham, Blackheath, Hammersmith, Holborn and Greenwich.

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