What is a traveller looking for?

Every traveller coming to a new city has a lot of different concerns to take care of regarding the accommodation and travel. This also include transportation, understanding and getting around the city, currency exchange, language etc. Therefore they always look forward to having the most comfortable London vacation rentals along with best local suggestions.

London vacation rentals

FG Property Management team is opening new office in central London soon, very near to Earls Court tube station which will be called ”Reception Desk”. The office will act as a hotel lounge area and will serve as a cosy and comfortable meeting space for the guests and our partners. As in a hotel, we will meet our guests here and give them welcome package along with keys for their booked apartment. This will allow FG Property Management team to provide customized service to our guests along with all the important information about the apartment.

New reception desk in Kensington London - FG Property Management

Guests can also have some time to relax here after their long journey or if they arrive earlier than the check-in time. This sociable reception desk will also work as a luggage drop area in case the guests decide to stay longer in London after their check-out. Our friendly FG Property Management team will offer variety of services and local information, assisting the guest traveller to have a wonderful stay in the city. This includes concierge services like car pick up, fridge fill, baby sitter, home spa service, cell phones, personal chef at home, food delivery, etc. In addition we will provide our guests with information about city tours, sightseeing, bus tours, underground tube routes around London and other tourist info.

London vacation rentals

We are very happy to improve our services all the time in order to make our customers satisfied, cheerful and delighted to come back to one of our apartment.

For any enquiries regarding your stay in London, feel free to contact us at +44 (0) 207 993 8629 or e-mail us at info@fgpropertymanagement.com


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