Nike+ FuelBand rewards your walk around London

You may have already noticed the retro-futuristic looking wristbands with flashing LED light digits and saw people studying them carefully or even you may have alrady one of them. It is the new Nike+ FuelBand that counts how active someone has been during a day and has become favourite accessory for those that want to turn their daily life into a constant data stream.

Nike+ FuelBand

Nike+ FuelBand rewards with NikeFuel points depending how much you have moved. Aiming to push more and more people to use it, Nike has produced a new take on the London Tube map, for those who decide to walk between stations (Zone 1 only) rather than get shunted around underground.

John Bingham-Hall has walked the routes from station to station, clocked up the NikeFuel points and had them converted into cartography proper by the Centre for Advanced Spacial Analysis, part of University College London. The designer and ‘visualiser’ David Luepschen turned the results into a graphically pleasing map, that you can download at A pocket-sized version of the map is also available in key London Nike stores where you can get the Nike+ FuelBand from as well. 

NikeFuel Map

Choose your wristbands, wear them and enjoy your walk around the city while getting rewarded by Nike+! For any enquires regarding your staying in London, feel free to contact us at +44 (0) 207 993 8629 or e-mail us


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