Top 10 skyscrapers in the world

Building data company Emporis of Hamburg, Germany recently awarded top 10 world’s best new skyscrapers of 2012. At these competition, judges considered more than 300 skyscrapers completed last year and that are at least 100 meters tall. It’s the thirteenth time the prize has been awarded till date. This year none of the U.S. buildings got to the top-10 list.

Following are the ones that were awarded.

1. Absolute World Towers -Canada

The winner is the pair of buildings known as ”Marilyn Monroe” due to its curvy design. Twisting buildings, officially known as Absolute World Towers, and located in Mississauga, Ontario, were designed by Beijing-based MAD architects and Toronto-based Burka Architects. The way the two structures twist organically by up to eight degrees per floor is not just a superb technical achievement but also caused that no floor appearing the same.Image

2. Al Bahr Towers – U.A.E.

The second place Al Bahr Towers in Abu Dhabi, designed by Aedas Architects, has an outer skin that rotates in response to the sun’s position, leading to cooler temperatures inside the buildings. Design of the building perfectly respond to the climatic requirements of the region. The most resilient sources of inspiration are nature and culture.Image

3. Burj Qatar – Qatar

Burj Qatar in Doha city took third place. The building envelope consists of two layers, a metal brise-soleil with an aluminium and glass curtain wall behind. The outer layer is inspired by “mashrabiya” screens found in traditional Islamic architecture, and which serve to protect from the sun’s heat and glare, and grant privacy.Image

4. The Bow – Canada

The forth place was taken by a skyscraper in Canada – The Bow named from the Bow River that runs nearby. Innovative use of steel and glass makes the building 30% lighter than other buildings of its size. More than 70% of employees have a window view thanks to the design. Design also promotes team communication, collaboration and integration.Image

5. House on Mosfilmovskaya 1 – Russia

The building’s turns slightly anti-clockwise from floor to floor, thus creating the tower’s twisted appearance. Alpolic (aluminium composite) panels, coloured in eight different hues, are used for the facade. The colour palette ranges from bright white to dark limestone hues.Image

6. Pearl River Tower – China

Pearl River Tower uses wind energy, air conditioning and solar technology in innovative ways. It’s considered one of the world’s most energy-efficient skyscrapers.Image

7. Varyap Meridian – Turkey

The facade of Varyap Meridian skyscraper is terra cotta-colored near the ground, changing to blue near the top, symbolizing earth and sky.


8. UniCredit Tower – Italy

The UniCredit Tower facade uses LED lights to change colour. This amazing property is the tallest in the Italy and can be seen up to 6 miles away.


9. Dumankaya IKON – Turkey

The skyscraper consists of three interconnected elliptical towers joined to one another on the 12th, 22nd and 32nd floors. Dumankaya IKON contain houses, apartments and home-office units and the ground floor is designed to a shopping centre.Image

10. Renaissance Barcelona Fira Hotel – Spain

The hotel windows are in the shape of palm fronds. In the building’s interior is the vertical garden, which is planted with 300 palm trees, picks up the design theme. Image

At FG Property Management we always looking forward to new property developments all over the world. And we are planning to expand our portfolio to these cities soon.


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