Craft Café – Paris

Craft - My Holiday Agenda

Black and white reigns in this modern new Parisian coffee shop. Pool is the visionary design team giving this hang out a true design identity. Hints of color like, bright pencils on the table, break up the monochromatic theme and embrace the patrons creative side. Café Craft is an ultra-chic place to enjoy a nice espresso with friends or to meet some new ones.
Cafe Craft by POOL

Designed for professionals who don’t have a permanent office, Cafe Craft lets customers use the internet and power points while they work but doesn’t force them to continually order food and drink for the privilege.

Cafe Craft by POOL

“We chose black and white for the walls to highlight the architectural lines, staying mostly neutral so not to disturb the studious atmosphere,” designers Léa Padovani and Sébastien Kieffer told Dezeen. “We added yellow and brass details to blur the border between cosy cafe and workshop.”

Cafe Craft by POOL

Different floor materials denote the three areas of the cafe: speckled terrazzo is laid in the entrance, the serving area is surrounded by chequerboard tiles and herringbone parquet is used in the workspace area at the rear of the cafe.

Cafe Craft by POOL

Most of the furniture was designed or customised specifically for the cafe and is arranged to create a variety of working environments, such as the twelve-seat table in the middle of the workspace for collaborative work.

Cafe Craft by POOL

Noticeboards and shelves hang from a wall-mounted wire trellis, which also functions as a screen to separate seating areas.

Cafe Craft by POOL

The cafe is situated close to the Canal Saint-Martin, in an area with a large population of freelance writers, journalists and creative professionals.

Cafe Craft by POOL

by Dezeen


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