The Silence Of Dogs In Cars @ Little Black Gallery

The Silence of Dogs in Cars was inspired by a childhood memory of waiting in a car whilst his parents were shopping in a supermarket, and the youthful fear that they would not return.

Martin Usborne - Dasher - My Holiday Agenda

Martin Usborne is a photographer who’s taken this scene and built on its emotional value to create set pieces of dogs in parked cars, which themselves appear to have been abandoned. By using evocative lighting and focussing on the dogs he asks visitors to ponder on what the animals are thinking; does the thought that its owner might not come back ever cross the dog’s mind? By placing some of the subjects in the driver’s seat, Usborne anthropomorphises the animals thus making them easier to identify with.

Martin Usborne - Maus - My Holiday Agenda

These photographs are beautifully shot and are designed to play on our emotions. It’s this combination plus the unique subject matter that’s likely to make this exhibition popular with visitors.

Martin Usborne - Prospero - My Holiday Agenda

Martin Usborne - Hector - My Holiday Agenda

If you need a place to see the exhibition CLICK HERE