Discover Five Street Artists in London

For sure you already know some names like Banksy, Roa, Eine, Stik, Invader…all are increasingly household names from the world of street art. You’ve probably seen their work while walking round the streets of  London. Here, we show you five of the best street artists practicing in London.

Inkfetish - My Holiday Agenda

1. Inkfetish

Tom Blackford was born in London, where he currently lives and works as a freelance  artist, working as an illustrator, painter and muralist throughout the London area and beyond.His work fuses together a number of his interests, from his involvement in the graffiti and street art scene to his background in self publishing comics and passion for Japanese history and pop imagery and its merging with American culture and sensibilities. He paints throughout London and you can often see his work around Brick Lane, in West London and in Stockwell.

Parlee - My Holiday Agenda

2. Parlee
They say love is better the second time around. Judging by the attention Parlee’s getting, art is too. A long-standing member of the first generation UK graffiti crew Essex Rockers, Parlee changed his artist name when he picked up a spraycan a few years ago after a long hiatus. His work reflects influences from throughout his life. Television cartoons from his childhood or Graffiti and Hip Hop from his teenage years. You can see some in Stockwell and Leake Street (by Waterloo Station).

Masai - My Holiday Agenda

3. Masai

Louis ‘Masai’ Michel is a staunch animal-lover. Not confined to the gallery or the canvas, mister Masai often paints and pastes on the streets, as well as, when working at his studio (on the edge of east London’s Epping Forest), utilising a wide range of mark-making techniques and tools. You will probably find him carrying, huge bits of wood around London or even, falling trousers and arse, knee deep into a skip. He’s brightening up large walls around Caledonian Road (one of very few artists to paint publically in that neck of the woods), and currently has a large tiger gracing the car park wall by Sclater Street (next to Brick Lane).

Milo - My Holiday Agenda

4. Milo Tchais

Brazilian Londoner Milo Tchais’s rhapsodies of swirling form and joyous colour have been setting the streets of London and the wider firmament alight for many years now. Synthesising radiant elements from the natural world with the gently distorting mirror of imagination, his other worldly human forms nestle into an orgy of spiralling abstraction and a landscape of explosive inner space. Silky movement glides trough the figurative prism and lifts layer after layer of texture into a joyous sea of celebration, reflection, exploration and transcendental wanderings trough the third eye. You can often see his work around East London, from the Brick Lane area to Bethnal Green Road and beyond.

Tizer - My Holiday Agenda

5. Tizer

Tizer is a graffiti king, with his own distinctive lettering style and a suite of inimitable characters. We get very chirpy whenever we see a new piece of his. You can find him in Dalston, occasionally around Brick Lane, in Stockwell, West London and pretty much anywhere else where you can take a spray can. When people think of real hip-hop in the UK they think of Tizer.


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