How to Convert a Church to a Family Home

Converted churches seem to be the trending choice for living spaces these days, interesting indeed. And here you can see some different styles in this new trend.

In the small town of Santpedor, Spain, David Closes Architects converted The 18th century Sant Francesc Convent Church into an auditorium and a multifunctional cultural facility.

church-turned-Home-Spain 1

The project has maintained the dimensions of the church interior space and, also, the unusual entries of natural light produced by partial roof collapses. Rather than reconstructing the church, the intervention has just consolidated the old fabric distinguishing clearly the new elements executed of the original ones.

church-turned-Home-Spain 2 church-turned-Home-Spain 3 church-turned-Home-Spain 4 church-turned-Home-Spain 5 church-turned-Home-Spain 6

The former Saint Jakobus Church, a municipal monument, located in Utrecht, Netherlands is not what it appears to be from its exterior facade. Originally built in 1870 the church holds a lot of historical value.


Upwards of 14,000 sq ft. the home is flooded with light from all the surrounding windows. What is most interesting is that it is presently for sale.

church-turned-Home-Netherlands 2 church-turned-Home-Netherlands3 church-turned-Home-Netherlands4 church-turned-Home-Netherlands1

Owner and founder of the brand Imps & Elfs,has chose to move into a former church in the south of Amsterdam.  He had a real heart for this ancient chapel, which turned not only into home sweet home, but the showroom for his fashion brand as well.

church-turned-Home-Amsterdam 1

Charged with the task of transforming the sober space into a refined living area, the results have the perfect Nordic charm.

church-turned-Home-Amsterdam 2

church-turned-Home-Amsterdam 3

church-turned-Home-Amsterdam 4

church-turned-Home-Amsterdam 5

Via Trendland


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